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Are we hitting a brick wall, again

Are we headed for another global slow down, China’s production is dropping dramatically while the US economy seems to be growing more slowly?

China is trying to get its house in order by lowering debt, cleaning up its economy but this has a flow on effect to the rest of the world given it’s the second largest economy. The IMF has warned the US that if China stumbles it will start to feel more downward pressure.

Globalisation, the great saviour of the 20th Century, will it be the 21st century's undoing. Every country seems to be so intertwined today that a dragon hitting a wall in one country causes a stock market crash in another. Will Australia survive a China slow down, it’s hard to see given that we rely on China for so much of our economic growth. It’s almost like a perfect storm, a no deal Brexit, the US is being Trump’ed, and China is putting on the brakes. On top of all that we have an election looming here where the major parties seem to be so focused on winning the battle of the words rather than strengthening our economy for the storm to come.

I don’t know about you, but I feel the next six months is going to be very interesting.