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Whilst we’re not in the official election campaign mode yet, we all know that the inevitable election will come. Whether you wear blue...


Don’t strive, just be happy

What happens when the incentive to improve your lot in life is taken away? While it may be true that richer people benefit from the CGT concessions and negative gearing, I am not saying it is true, but lets take a leap of faith and believe what Bill tells us. Have every one of those now rich people always been rich, how did they make their money?

Did some of them get a job, save their money and invest so that they could make a better life for their family? I am guessing so, so where would they be now if the CGT discount and negative gearing had not existed for the last 20 years? I am going to take a stab in the dark and say not as well off as they are now. As a country we need to encourage people to improve their lot in life and give them the incentive to do so. Not everyone will reach their goals, but opportunity is what breads innovation, not stasis.

Government policy needs to be balanced to provide opportunity and encouragement, but also benefits for the less fortunate. Let’s not bring the rich back, let’s bring the poor up to the rich.