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ScoMo Vs Bill

Whilst we’re not in the official election campaign mode yet, we all know that the inevitable election will come. Whether you wear blue...


Where the TAX are we headed

With a Federal election not too far away, where is our tax system headed. The government seems to be on a spending spree with their surplus, personal and business tax breaks for all. And the opposition seem to want to punish small business.

I have not been a big fan of the Federal Government, all the extra red tape business has had to put up with and some of their decisions shall we say seem a little self-absorbed. But what is Bill up to, some would say that he just needs to stop talking and he will win the election hands down. But the more he talks the more hair brained ideas he seems to come up with. Bill, less is more sometimes, taxing small business more is not going to help wages growth or the economy. I mean telling a small business owner he can only spend $3,000 on tax advice regardless of the decisions he has to make, why that would be like telling a politician they could only spend $50k on travel each year, what would the world come to. I know you want the Aussie Battler tag so desperately, but does that really mean everyone else has to battle too?

I thought the coming election would be a forgone conclusion, but it is shaping up to be a very close one instead.